Project 1 :: Due April 6, 2016 :: Animate GIF
We sign our name habitually.  Billions of times in our life we sign our names away, letters, checks, bills, we even have digital signatures now.  GIFs are also a common aspect of our society, a short clip that repeats itself.  That is almost the definition of your signature.  The act of a signature is a habitual action that repeats itself, turning out almost identical, very time.
Throughout this project, I learned how to create a GIF in photoshop, and how to overlay text onto an image.  I struggled with trying to get the text to line up perfectly.  Learning how to import a batch of photos, in sequential order, and lay them out on a timeline proved to be very helpful with other projects in my educational journey.
Project 2 :: Due April 20, 2016 :: Dream Video [1 minute]
Restless sleep is the detrimental.  Weather it is restless because you actually sleep walk, you cannot stay asleep, or you constantly have bad dreams, it actually effects your health.  In this "dream" the character sleep walks from room to room, trying to find restful sleep.
I really enjoyed the match cut option.  Cutting on an action covered a few jumps, but I was able to have the character open one door to go room to room instead of through the hallway.  This project also taught me a lot about the soundtrack.  Attempting to add diegetic and non-diegetic sound brought a a new depth to my video work.
Project 3 :: Due May 9, 2016 :: Performance Art
We sign our names so quickly, and habitually, what happens when we change that? In this piece, I took 15 minutes to sign my name with my dominant hand.  This resulted in a well crafted, large signature.  Second, I took 15 minutes to sign my name backwards with my non-dominant hand.  This took everything that my body knows about my signature, and flipped it.  The result was a shaky signature that appears on the page in reverse.
For this project, I learned how to do a split screen in premier, and how to change the pace of a clip to a certain time.  After cutting the clip to the 15 minutes of just the signing process, I then had to change the speed to exactly 30 seconds.  Once the clips were the proper length, I had to learn how to mask one clip, so that it could overlay on half of the second clip.  This mask lead to the split screen view of two signatures happening at the same time.
Project 4 :: Due June 1, 2016 :: Stop Motion Animation
This piece is explains the route that I will be traversing come January.  The stop motion effect shows that while one unit, this trip will be taken in chunks.  Each month for the year of 2017 I will be in a new country.  The plane is the most common visual representative of travel around the world, however I will be taking many forms of transportation.  Bananagrams is a lightweight game that will yield hours of entertainment for my travel mates.  This piece came together with great struggle, a true testament of the year to come!
This project taught me the importance of file management, batch editing and resizing in Adobe Bridge, and clip time adjustments in Adobe premier.  Also, this project was a huge test of my ability to create more content.  The assignment was 1-3 minutes, but my original piece was only 16 seconds! I had to add a lot more content, which got me to 35 seconds, and then what I hoped was the final addition landed me at 52 seconds.  Finally I had created enough content for the time requirement, and this added great depth to the piece.  My original file of 16 seconds was fun, but the final has more content, information, camera angles, and is infinitely more fun.  Learning how to adjust the size of the images was paramount to a fast export, import, and aligning within the premier timeline.

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